Welcome to FairPriceGroup Supply Chain


GLS handles the warehousing and logistics needs of NTUC FairPrice and its subsidiaries via multiple warehouses located mainly in the western part of Singapore.  In total, we manage warehousing space exceeding 1.2million sq.ft.

Different automation solutions are deployed in our different facilities. Every solution is tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers and the nature and profile of the products. Our Warehouse Management System is also designed to interface with separate host systems if necessary, and SAP is one of them.

Automation warehouse that includes Warehousing System for Automated Sortation Distribution Centre (MHS)

MHS uses a high-speed automatic sortation system on a conveyor belt that can handle up to 20 kg per carton of grocery items in various sizes.

The system consolidates orders from individual stores into bulk batches and then indicates on the lighting panel the number of cartons required, using a paperless Pick-to-Light technology. It then allocates the items for distribution to individual stores, resulting in higher efficiency and reduced manual labour. 

Auto Store warehouse

Auto Store warehouse is an automated goods-to-man storage and retrieval system that utilizes robotics to provide high-density storage, optimize manpower and boost productivity. 

Auto Store is able to handle up to four times faster compared to Radio Frequency (RF)-assisted picking. The high-density storage system consists of bins spread over multiple layers.  

Each bin can be configured to hold any quantity of products depending on size and weight, with the ability to hold multiple types of products within the same bin to provide greater flexibility and scalability.

Order fulfillment is managed through a computerized system with robots retrieving the items needed and shifting bins around to maximize space. The system is also scalable to accommodate for future growth with our customers